Daughter of Smoke and Bone


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This is my first review on wordpress so please forgive me any mistakes I might make.

Daughter of Smoke and Bone is a young adult fantasy novel centred around Karou a girl who has always lived both in the human world and Elsewhere. She is an errand girl who moves between the two worlds but is unsure as to which she belongs. Slipping constantly between the worlds she is a source of curiosity and when questions start to be asked her life takes a drastic turn and she learns things about her life she never thought possible.


This book really surprised me. Fantasy is not my favorite genre as I find not many books give the level of detail rich enough to satisfy my curiosity but this book was written beautifully and I knew within the first 20 pages that I was going to love it. It’s not predictable and I had no idea or inkling about where this book would take things which is I haven’t felt for a long while whilst reading a book.

One of the reasons I felt so comfortable with the fantasy element of this book was it’s similarity to The Mortal Instruments series (one of my all time favourites) much of the mythology overlaps and the species involved are very similar. In my head I like to think of the two stories existing in the same universe. The Nephilium are a police force, the Seraphim are more a brutal  secret service.

What I liked most about this book was the plot. It was totally different to what I was expected and better than anything I could have imagined. There is a brief introduction of the normality in Karou’s life at the beginning and then just when you’re beginning to fall in love with it things change and in epic proportions. The majority of this book focuses on the backstory of the characters which proves to be surprising and touching, and makes them just as complex as those in the Harry Potter series.


I only have a minor niggle with this book and that is that all of the back story has already been releaved and some bits were not saved for the sequel but having said that I am very eager to see how these characters will carry on from what they’ve learnt.

Overall, I am in love with this book and it looks set to be a new favourite series. I feel like the ending was too addictive for the story to end there and I have already ordered the second book.



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